Consumer Partner Marketing ®

What if marketing investments were guaranteed to drive sales?

What if customer relationships could be nurtured with every purchase?

Introducing Consumer Partner Marketing ®

PayForward Enterprise Solutions helps corporate partners design and execute performance-based marketing programs that improve consumer spending power with every purchase. These point of purchase rewards programs increase sales and profits to corporations, merchants and manufacturers.

Rather than spending millions of dollars in inefficient advertising programs, hoping to encourage consumers to buy, Consumer Partner Marketing programs allocate marketing dollars to real time payments to consumers as desired purchasing behaviors are triggered:

  • Activation incentives
  • Renewal or retention bonuses
  • Flash sale offers and messages
  • Pre-negotiated merchant rebates
  • Manufacturer rebates

Why will your customers love it?

With a median income of $51K per year, the middle class family in the United States is challenged to meet basic household needs in today’s economy.  They are looking for ways to save money when shopping, and getting comparison prices on major expenses like insurance and telecommunications services. Many are turning to coupons and searching for the best price online or on their phones to save money. There is less brand loyalty, and more focus on finding the best sale.

When consumers get involved in one of the customized PayForward Enterprise Solutions partner programs, they are instantly rewarded with cash back or other branded incentives when they make a purchase from a participating partner with a registered payment account.

The consumer receives an increase in discretionary spending power in real time, and brand loyalty is reinforced.

Get Results with PayForward Enterprise Solutions

  • Guarantees return on investment – every dollar in investment is linked to a purchase
  • Boosts client attraction, preference and retention
  • Provides big data analytics and targeting tools
  • Creates innovative social media messages and active brand advocates
  • Establishes an intimate relationship with new one-to-one communication channels
  • Moves funds from account to account quickly, and at a far lower cost than other solutions
  • Implements easily with minimal up-front costs, no point-of-sale changes, and no employee training necessary.